Forrist products are Too Good To Go!

15th September 2021 |  Download Images  |  Download PDF

North London based sustainable supermarket Forrist can now be found on TooGoodToGo, the online app that allows stores and restaurants to sell any food surplus that they may have at a discounted price before it is thrown away. TooGoodToGo has exploded in popularity as of recent for its simple yet superb concept - a convenient way for people to score on some great discounted goods whilst also contributing to the reduction of food waste.

So it’s no surprise that Forrist, the UK’s first online plastic-free supermarket who pride themselves on being waste-free in every possible facet have made themselves a home on the app, saying “TooGoodToGo was really a no brainer for us. We do our best to be as close to zero waste as possible, but surplus food is always a possibility when you’re running a service like ours. This app allows us to transparently extend the life of these products, and greater fulfil our waste-free mission” Forrist’s buy by weight approach already allows them to reduce food waste, making sure customers are only taking as much as they need.  

And, rest assured, all of the products on offer are perfectly safe to eat, drink and use, they are simply nearing their best before date, where they’ll still be perfectly edible, but just not at their optimal quality. “Instead of selling items which are already past their best before on our website, we want to give people the opportunity to enjoy their products at their very best while they can, and certainly don’t want to see anything going to waste.”

Of course, there is no waste at the Forrist, so you know when you pick up your magic bag it won’t be a plastic one! You could even come with your own bags or containers to take your TooGoodToGo treasure away with you, and reduce the need for extra packaging, on top of the food waste and personal cost you’re already reducing.

To get a hold of one of these magic bags yourself, all you have to do is:

  • Download TooGoodToGo from the AppStore
  • Search for Forrist - Make sure it is within your radius, you can widen your radius in the search bar if needed
  • Select one of their specially put together magic bags – Each bag is tailor made with specific items to make sure you’re getting a varied assortment of Forrist goodies
  • Arrive at Forrist within the time allotted and pick up your magic bag
  • Enjoy your discounted goods, and congratulate yourself for doing your bit to combat food waste!

About Forrist: Forrist is the UK’s first ever plastic-free online supermarket, located in Holloway, North London. Established in 2019, Forrist stock organic, plant-based produce and sustainable housekeeping, kitchenware, toiletries and health & beauty products with the promise of 100% compostable or reusable packaging. Their ethos is to make a conscious and sustainable lifestyle accessible to all by implementing innovative zero-waste practices centred around convenience and transparency.


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