Something’s cooking in Forrist’s Kitchen

15th September 2021 |  Download Images  |  Download PDF

Waste-free supermarket Forrist are embarking on an exciting new project named Forrist Kitchen, where they will be producing video content centred around sustainable cooking. Pairing up with a number of very special guests, Forrist are serving up equal helpings of entertainment and education. Each guest will be showing how they throw down in the kitchen using Forrist’s organic, plant-based ingredients, whilst also talking about themselves, their personal journey through sustainability and plenty of tips, tricks and stories to encourage others to give it a try.

“If you’ve ever visited the Forrist before, you’ll know we have a real passion for food. Not just the organic, plant-based produce we have on offer, but also the deliciously diverse dishes that you can make with them. We’ve always been strived to show people that there really are no limits to the goodness you can cook up with organic, vegan ingredients.” And Forrist have been doing just that, through an impressive collection of recipes on their website as well as tips and guides on how to make the most out of their produce on their blog and on product listings and special inserts in certain products like their world seasoning collections. With this new venture, they are looking to kick things up a notch, with captivating video content that’ll get people into their own kitchens.

“We hope that loyal Forrigers will enjoy this new content, and these recipes will inspire them to use their Forrist shopping in new and exciting ways through the masterful tips of our guest chefs. And for those new to Forrist or sustainable shopping and cooking all together, a healthy blend of enticing recipes and insightful conversations with some sustainability whizzes will be sure to invigorate many to give conscious, sustainable living a try.”

About Forrist: Forrist is the UK’s first ever plastic-free online supermarket, located in Holloway, North London. Established in 2019, Forrist stock organic, plant-based produce and sustainable housekeeping, kitchenware, toiletries and health & beauty products with the promise of 100% compostable or reusable packaging. Their ethos is to make a conscious and sustainable lifestyle accessible to all by implementing innovative zero-waste practices centred around convenience and transparency.



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