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Become a part of the Forrist and help us grow our waste free community.

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Get rewarded for your amazing recipes & content!

At Forrist, we believe in the power of community and sharing. Our contributor programme is especially designed for passionate culinary creators like you. The programme allows you to monetise your creativity by sharing your love for high-quality pantry items with your audience.

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Rewarding Passion

We believe in doing what you love. Receive up to £150 each month in credits to spend on Forrist pantry items

Promote Sustainability

Promote premium, organic and plastic-free refillable pantry items, helping to build a healthier, more sustainable world

Attractive Commission

We have an attractive commission structure, designed to reward you for each customer you introduce to Forrist

How it works

Join & Share

You'll receive a link to your recipe ingredient bundles on our website, which showcases your recipes. This allows our shared audience to easily shop and buy the exact portion they need, elevating your content's value and ensuring a seamless experience.

Earn Commission

Whenever your recipe bundle is purchased, you'll earn a higher commission for new customers, and and an ongoing commission for returning customers. It's a simple yet effective way to continually benefit from your recipe content.

Redeem Rewards

The rewards you earn transform into Forrist pantry credits. Use these to shop our vast collection, firsthand. These credits empower you to source quality ingredients, inspiring further culinary innovation and enriching your recipe journey with us.


Elevating Standards and Inspiring Audiences

Forrist prides itself on partnering with top-tier contributors, those who represent the pinnacle of culinary creativity and expertise. By maintaining high standards, we don't just aim for ordinary; we strive for extraordinary. Your credibility, passion, and dedication are unparalleled, and by fostering such a high standard within our circle, we establish an atmosphere of excellence. This exclusivity is not about being elite, but about upholding a promise of quality to our shared audience.


"Super Special Brand"

For me, Forrist is a super special brand because their values really align with mine. You can get all natural and organic products by weight so only buy what you need and they come in these amazing, compostable kraft bags or glass jars which you can refill.


"Beautifully Wrapped"

I ordered my first box of amazing organic pantry items and I was not disappointed. There is so much to choose from and it arrived beautiful wrapped in sustainable packaging. I know exactly where to come back to when I need to refill.


"There is so Much to Love"

There is so much to love about Forrist! Firstly there is so much choice, from pantry and cleaning items to plant seeds! Secondly, it comes beautifully and sustainably packaged, it’s a real joy to open each parcel knowing you’re getting great quality items.


Ready to get started?

We make the process super easy for you. We'll create a contributor page for you on our website showcasing all of your contributed recipes and linking directly to your instagram page/personal website. You'll earn an agreed commission on all bundles purchased.

We recommend starting with at least 4 recipes and increasing them over time. The setup process will take around 10 days and once live, you can add your recipe bundles to your content to start earning commission.

All we need from you are photos/videos of the agreed recipes.

Please contact us with an questions or if you'd like to sign up.

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