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Become a part of the Forrist and help us grow our waste free community.

Forrist x you


Thanks for your interest in collaborating with us.

We think that your content is great and really inspirational. We’re all about health, wellbeing and sustainability and feel that yourself and your audience will resonate well with our brand. We’d like to get better acquainted with you all through an initial collaboration.


We'll Send you a Gift card

Rather than sending you a box of goodies you may not use, we give you a gift code to shop the bits you love. Once issued, the gift card is valid for 2 weeks and should be used for at least 70% pantry items.

Unbox, Share, Review

Once you’ve received your box, the fun begins! Do whatever comes naturally! When sharing your experience with your followers, be as creative as you like. You can do a single picture, video, reels, stories, or a mix.

How did we connect?

We’ll look at your overall feedback and experience as well as engagement. This could lead to a longer term collaboration with you as a brand ambassador, an affiliate or an ongoing influencer agreement.

Good to know

Here are a few pointers you may want to mention when sharing your haul - you’re not expected to mention them all, just the ones that resonate with you the most:

• All packaging is compostableand/or reusable
• Free Forrist Essentials (Menstrual cups & Shaving oil)
• All natural and organic products
• Plant-based only
• Buy by weight
• Plastic Free
• Reuse and Refill service
• Back to the Forrist scheme
• Subscribe & Save Subscription Boxes

If you’d like to go ahead with the collaboration and/or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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