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Sustainable Workplaces

Forrist Office Pantry

Your go-to solution for healthy and sustainable workplace snacking. Our flexible and non-perishable organic and plant-based food options are designed to help increase your team's productivity and wellness, while also being adaptable to match your company's changing needs.

Our staff hospitality refills make snacking easy and hassle-free. Our snacks are delicious and come without any wasteful packaging. We work with you to encourage sustainable, healthy snacking that benefits both your team and the environment.

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How it works

Tailor your snacks

Choose from a range of over 50+ organic snacks, cereals, teas & coffees tailored to your team size, dietary and allergy requirements.

We Deliver

Your snacks will arrive in large reusable glass jars with scoops/tongs for handling or in compostable kraft paper bags for refilling.

Refill & repeat

Refill orders will be sent in organic cotton or kraft compostable bags so that you can effortlessly refill your jars, instantly ready for self serve.

Great Benefits

Workplace wellness

With a growing culture aimed at being more money-savvy and leading healthier, sustainable lifestyles, wellness in the workplace is no longer just for big corporations. It is becoming a required norm for prospective many employees.

Zero plastic, Zero Waste

The next big economic push is around creating a Circular Economy. With forward-thinking teams and the growing demands for sustainable living, organisations are expected to lead the way with environmentally conscious solutions.  

Tailored for your team

By getting the team involved in an initial poll, we’ll ensure that your staff hospitality package meets the needs of the varying diets, allergies & general preferences within your workplace. As standard, everything is plant-based and certified organic.

Anya, founder

"staff hospitality done right"

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Choose Forrist for a workplace food solution that grows with your business and helps keep your team energised and satisfied throughout the day.

If you're ready to place an order with us, or just want to learn a little more about what we can do for you, call our team on 020 7871 3822 or email us at 

We look forward to working with you!