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Our Pantry is always stocked with a wide range of 100% organic groceries, from grains and pulses, rice and pasta, nuts and seeds, oils, flour and baking cupboard essentials to plant-based chocolate treats. And there’s no plastic-packaging in sight. Select the amount you need and we’ll weigh it out in a paper bag. You'll also find a variety of packaging-free herbs and spices to add seasoning to plant-based stews, soups and salads. Need a little inspiration? Head to our Recipes page.

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Organic Bulgur Wheat
Organic Bulgur Wheat Sale price£0.23
African Pearl Salt
African Pearl Salt Sale price£0.33
Organic Chia Seeds
Organic Chia Seeds Sale price£0.46
Organic Mung Beans
Organic Mung Beans Sale price£0.38
Organic Desiccated Coconut
Organic Coarse Oats
Organic Coarse Oats Sale price£0.20
Organic Walnuts
Organic Walnuts Sale price£0.76
Organic Wholewheat Penne
Organic Wholewheat Penne Sale price£0.30
Organic Bay Leaves
Organic Bay Leaves Sale price£1.32
Organic Chickpeas
Organic Chickpeas Sale price£0.23
Organic Allspice Berries
Organic Allspice Berries Sale price£0.83
Organic Fine Oats
Organic Fine Oats Sale price£0.20
Organic Red Lentils
Organic Red Lentils Sale price£0.24
Organic Sunflower Seeds
Organic Sunflower Seeds Sale price£0.25
Organic Dried Apple Cubes
Organic Dried Apple Cubes Sale price£1.24
Organic White Basmati Rice
On its Way Organic Dried Apricots
Organic Dried Apricots Sale price£0.92
Organic Orzo
Organic Orzo Sale price£0.31
Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Organic Pumpkin Seeds Sale price£0.60
Coarse Mediterranean Sea Salt
Organic Agave Syrup
Organic Agave Syrup Sale priceFrom £2.00
Organic Popcorn Kernels
Organic Popcorn Kernels Sale price£0.22
Organic Wholewheat Fusilli
Organic Arborio Rice
Organic Arborio Rice Sale price£0.48
Organic Crunchy Muesli
Organic Crunchy Muesli Sale price£0.54
Organic Dried White Mulberries
Organic Ground Turmeric
Organic Ground Turmeric Sale price£0.47
Himalayan Rock Salt
Himalayan Rock Salt Sale price£0.22
Organic Black Turtle Beans
Organic Black Beluga Lentils
Organic Conchigliette
Organic Conchigliette Sale price£0.30
Organic Kidney Beans
Organic Kidney Beans Sale price£0.28
Organic Brown Short Grain Rice
On its Way Organic Pistachios Kernels
Organic French Green Lentils
Organic White Jasmine Rice
Organic Brown Basmati Rice
Organic Self Raising Flour
Organic Thyme
Organic Thyme Sale price£0.93
Organic Crushed Chilli Flakes
Organic Mixed Peppercorns
Organic Mixed Peppercorns Sale price£1.09
Organic Oregano
Organic Oregano Sale price£0.95
Organic Penne
Organic Penne Sale price£0.30
Organic Brown Lentils
Organic Brown Lentils Sale price£0.24
Organic Mild Curry Blend
Organic Mild Curry Blend Sale price£0.78
Organic Tricolour Fusilli
Organic Tricolour Fusilli Sale price£0.37
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar
Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Sale priceFrom £1.75
Organic Rosemary
Organic Rosemary Sale price£0.42
Organic Smoked Paprika
Organic Smoked Paprika Sale price£0.78
Organic Wild Rice
Organic Wild Rice Sale price£1.83