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Enjoy a variety of protein-rich products when you receive our Organic Protein Box. Your box will contain eight pantry staples that are high in protein so you can rest assured you’ll be eating enough to keep your body healthy. Every month, you’ll notice a different selection of these organic whole foods to introduce you to new choices and pique your interest as soon as you open the box. Examples of the tempting organic products you might find inside your box include poppy seeds, puffed quinoa, soya beans, hemp seeds, almonds, kidney beans, chia seeds, and black turtle beans.

These organic high protein staples for your pantry are precisely weighed out to meet your needs, whether you opt for a small, medium, or large box. Each one is packaged in an eco-friendly Kraft paper bag or pouch and these are nestled together tightly in the cardboard delivery box. This way, you can rest assured that your order not only helps to keep your body healthy but ensures the environment is kept healthier too, without a trace of plastic in the packaging. You can rely on continued sustainable living practices every 4 or 6 weeks from Forrist when you select your preferred subscription service frequency.

November Box
Organic Quinoa 350 525 700
Organic Sunflower Seeds 350 525 700
Organic Pumpkin Seeds 350 525 700
Organic Bulgur Wheat 350 525 700
Organic Unshelled Pistachios 150 225 300
Organic Black Beluga Lentils 250 375 500
Organic Pinto Beans 250 375 500
Organic Brown Flaxseed 150 225 300


Kraft Paper Bags

Resealable Kraft Pouches

Clear Glass Jars

Clear Glass Bottles

Organic Cotton Bags*

Rice & Pasta

Standard 0.65p - - -

Beans & Pulses

Standard 0.65p - - -
Seeds & Grains Standard 0.65p - - -
Herbs & Spices Standard 0.65p 0.75p - -
Flour & Baking Standard 0.65p 0.75 - -

Oils & Vinegars

- - - Standard -

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Standard 0.65p - - -
Cereal Standard 0.65p - - -
Confectionery Standard  0.65p - - -
Tea & Coffee - Standard - - -
Shampoo Standard - - - -
Lotions - - Standard Standard -
Deodorant Standard - - - -
Detergents - - - Standard -
Pet Food Standard 0.65p - - -

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