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Organic Pumpkin Seeds

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Our organic pumpkin seeds are perfect for adding a crunch to salads, soups, and baked goods. Packed with essential nutrients, pumpkin seeds are a versatile ingredient for creating delicious and healthy recipes.

Organic Pumpkin Seeds
Organic Pumpkin Seeds Sale price£0.60

Explore Organic Pumpkin Seeds


  • Protein Rich

    Protein boosts strength, aids recovery, essential for active, vital living.

  • Vitamin K

    Vitamin K supports blood clotting, maintains bone health and is essential for overall vitality.

  • Magnesium

    Magnesium supports muscle and nerve function, contributes to overall relaxation.


  • Harvested In


  • Min. Shelf Life

    12 months

  • Allergens


  • How to store

    In a cool dry place

Cucurbita Pepo

Great for adding a delicious texture and nutrition to your homemade guacamole or snack bars

Our premium Organic Pumpkin Seeds, a versatile and nutritious addition to your pantry. They are rich in protein, fibre, and healthy fats, making them a wholesome snack or ingredient for a variety of dishes. Whether sprinkled over salads, blended into smoothies, or incorporated into baking recipes, these seeds add a crunch and a boost of nutrition to your meals. Used in traditional cuisines around the world, they add a unique texture and flavour to both sweet and savoury dishes. From homemade granola and energy bars to roasted vegetables and soups, and handful goes a long way. Boasting high levels of magnesium, zinc, and antioxidants, they're known for supporting heart health, aiding in digestion, and promoting overall wellbeing.

We're proud of the exceptional quality of our Organic Pumpkin Seeds and invite you to experience the difference that premium wholesome organic ingredients can make in your cooking and wellbeing.

Ways to Use Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Here are some of our favourite ways to use Organic Pumpkin Seeds. From traditional favourites to contemporary twists, these ideas showcase the incredible versatility of the Forrist Organic Pumpkin Seeds. Share your creations and join the Forrist community on Instagram #forrist!

Pumpkin Seed Energy Balls

Combine organic pumpkin seeds, dates, oats, and a touch of agave syrup in a food processor. Roll the mixture into small balls and coat them in desiccated coconut or cocoa powder. These energy balls make a nutritious and convenient snack for a quick energy boost during the day.

Pumpkin Seed Pesto

Create a unique twist on traditional pesto by using organic pumpkin seeds as the base. Blend together pumpkin seeds, fresh basil, garlic, cashews, nutritional yeast, olive oil, and a squeeze of lemon juice until smooth. Use this vibrant pesto as a sauce for pasta, a spread for sandwiches, or a dip for vegetables.

Roasted Squash

Arrange slices of squash and pumpkin seeds on a baking sheet and roast at 180°C for 25-30 minutes, turning halfway through, until the squash is tender and the pumpkin seeds are golden and crisp. Drizzle with agave syrup and serve.

The History of Organic Pumpkin Seeds

Organic pumpkin seeds date back thousands of years, originating in the Americas where they were a staple in the diets of indigenous peoples. These nutrient-dense seeds were valued for their medicinal properties and were used in traditional healing practices. Over time, their popularity spread to Europe and beyond, where they became a beloved ingredient in culinary traditions. Today, organic pumpkin seeds are cherished for their health benefits and versatility, enjoyed as a snack, added to salads, or used in baking. Their heritage as a wholesome and nourishing food continues to be celebrated for wellness and nutrition.

Top 3 Organic Pumpkin Seeds Substitutions