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Look forward to opening your Organic Pantry Essentials Box to discover the delights inside. With each order, you’ll receive 21 organic pantry staples that have been certified by the Soil Association. These can include ingredients such as wild rice, artisan white spelt conchiglie, muesli, amaranth seeds, French green lentils, pecan nuts, dried banana chips, hulled buckwheat, gluten-free oat flour, hibiscus cocktail fruit tea, Fairtrade Indonesian coffee beans, and more. We mix up the contents with every order so you can try diverse products and experiment with new ingredients. Don’t worry if you’re not sure what to do with a particular item in your box — we have a range of easy recipes available on our website to give you inspiration.

We believe in zero waste and each food item is carefully weighed out to suit the size of order you require so that you have just enough to last without throwing any unused food away. The packaging is entirely plastic-free so that no harm comes to the environment when it’s disposed of. You can benefit from this indispensable box of organic pantry essentials from Forrist every 4 or 6 weeks with our convenient subscription service, helping to save time and money.

May Box
Organic White Jasmine Rice 500g 750g 1000g
Organic Red Rice 500g 750g 1000g
Organic Wholewheat Macaroni 500g 750g 1000g
Organic Lasagne 500g 750g 1000g
Organic Coconut Flour 300g 450g 600g
Organic Carob Powder 500g 750g 1000g
Organic Loose Too Fruit Tea 50g 75g 100g
Organic Indonesian Coffee Beans 100g 150g 200g
Organic Crunchy Muesli 300g 450g 600g
Organic Corn Flakes 300g 450g 600g
Organic Wheat Flakes 250g 375g 500g
Organic Kidney Beans 300g 450g 600g
Organic Red Lentils 300g 450g 600g
Organic Green Split Peas 250g 375g 500g
Organic Sunflower Seeds 250g 375g 500g
Organic Tricolour Quinoa 250g 375g 500g
Organic Blanched Peanuts 150g 225g 300g
Organic Salted Pistachios 150g 225g 300g
Organic Dried Currants 200g 300g 400g
Organic Dried White Mulberries 200g 300g 400g
Organic Demerara Cane Sugar  250g 375g 500g

Kraft Paper Bags

Resealable Kraft Pouches

Clear Glass Jars

Clear Glass Bottles

Organic Cotton Bags*

Rice & Pasta

Standard 0.65p - - -

Beans & Pulses

Standard 0.65p - - -
Seeds & Grains Standard 0.65p - - -
Herbs & Spices Standard 0.65p 0.75p - -
Flour & Baking Standard 0.65p 0.75 - -

Oils & Vinegars

- - - Standard -

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Standard 0.65p - - -
Cereal Standard 0.65p - - -
Confectionery Standard  0.65p - - -
Tea & Coffee - Standard - - -
Shampoo Standard - - - -
Lotions - - Standard Standard -
Deodorant Standard - - - -
Detergents - - - Standard -
Pet Food Standard 0.65p - - -

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