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We're Forrist, the UK’s first plastic-free online supermarket where everything is organic and plant-based. Forrist marries the convenience of supermarkets with the concept of zero waste to make it easier for you to shop with confidence and conscience. 

Sowing the seeds

Our team have never been radical eco warriors — but our overflowing recycling bins at home told us more waste wasn’t the answer. 

If you're anything like us, you'll love the idea of zero waste shops. But limited options often means you have to go back to the supermarket to get all the groceries and household products you need. 

Doing your bit shouldn’t be so difficult 

We wanted the convenience of buying everything in one place without all the packaging. There wasn’t anywhere like this, so we knew we’d have to create our own. And that’s where the idea for Forrist grew.

Ethical to our core

When we started to create Forrist, we had the option to get funding from investors. But rather than sacrifice our ethics, the team decided to scale back and work with what Forrist had. Even if that meant it took longer to get to the stage where 98% of the products delivered to your door are compostable or reusable.