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Organic Gourmet Salt & Pepper Box

Sale price£23.00


A box of nuanced flavours showcases the exotic taste of organic Hawaiian lava salt, the spicy notes of organic mixed peppercorns, the unique texture of African pearl salt, and the zesty kick of ground green pepper. Try a perfectly seasoned tofu or tempeh steak, a fresh vegetable salad sprinkled with pearl salt, or a hearty lentil soup with a touch of green pepper. With these gourmet basics, you're ensuring that every meal is seasoned to perfection, striking the right balance between taste and aroma.

Please note that discovery boxes purchased with other items will not be packed in a separate box. If this is required, please add a note to your order at checkout.

What's inside?
Hawaiian Lava Salt  50g 75g 100g
Organic Mixed Peppercorns  30g 45g 60g
Hawaiian Alea Red Salt  50g 75g 100g
Organic Ground Green Peppercorns 
30g 45g 60g
Himalayan Rock Salt  50g 75g 100g
Hawaiian Bamboo Jade Salt 50g 75g 100g
Organic Pink Peppercorns  20g 30g 40g
African Pearl Salt 50g 75g 100g
Organic Black Peppercorns  30g 45g 60g