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Find all the sustainable kitchenware you need to prepare organic homecooked meals, host plant-based dinner parties or pack a planet-friendly lunch. Weve got everything a zero-waste kitchen needs, including pots, pans and baking trays, cake tins, plastic-free chopping boards, glasses, and bamboo cutlery and crockery.

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On its Way Fill Neroli Laundry Detergent
Fill Petitgrain Laundry Powder
Fill Petitgrain Laundry Powder Sale priceFrom £4.50
On its Way Fill Neroli Fabric Conditioner
On its Way Fill Honey Suckle All Purpose Cleaner
On its Way Fill Ginger Washing Up Liquid
On its Way Fill Grapefruit Kitchen Cleaner
On its Way Fill Eucalyptus Bathroom Cleaner
Bambu Bamboo Condiment Cups
On its Way Bambu Bamboo Mixing Spoon
Bambu Bamboo Mixing Spoon Sale price£4.00
Bambu Bamboo Spoontula
Bambu Bamboo Spoontula Sale price£4.75
On its Way Bambu Bamboo Tasting Spoon
On its Way Bambu Bamboo Scraping Spatula
On its Way Bambu Bamboo Honey Dipper
Bambu Bamboo Honey Dipper Sale price£4.00
Bambu Bamboo Tongs
Bambu Bamboo Tongs Sale price£3.75
Bambu Bamboo Servers
Bambu Bamboo Servers Sale price£9.00
On its Way Bambu Bamboo Scoops
Bambu Bamboo Scoops Sale price£3.50
Bamboo Straw
Bamboo Straw Sale price£1.05
Stainless Steel Bent Straw
Stainless Steel Bent Smoothie Straw
On its Way Stainless Steel Straw
Stainless Steel Straw Sale price£1.00
On its Way Stainless Steel Short Straw
Stainless Steel Smoothie Straw
Glass Straw
Glass Straw Sale price£1.10
On its Way Fill Geranium Glass & Steel Cleaner
Fill Eucalyptus Toilet Cleaner
Fill Bergamot Floor Cleaner
On its Way Tabitha Eve Tough None Sponge
Tabitha Eve Multi Cloths
Tabitha Eve Multi Cloths Sale price£18.45
Tabitha Eve Waffle Unpaper Towels
The Organic Company Oven Mitts
On its Way The Organic Company Small Food Bag
The Organic Company Medium Food Bag
The Organic Company Large Food Bag
The Organic Company My Organic Bag
AdHoc Stainless Steel Fine Grater
AdHoc Stainless Steel Cereal Dispenser
AdHoc Stainless Steel Nutmeg Mill
AdHoc Stainless Steel Coffee Grinder
Straw Jute bag
Straw Jute bag Sale price£2.00
On its Way Frank Green Tea Infuser
Frank Green Tea Infuser Sale price£4.99
The Organic Company Tea Bag Set
On its Way Bambu Bamboo Utensil Set
Bambu Bamboo Utensil Set Sale price£16.50
On its Way Bambu Bamboo Classic Cutting & Serving Board
Organic Soapnuts
Organic Soapnuts Sale priceFrom £2.50
AdHoc Stainless Steel Spice Gourmet Slicer
On its Way AdHoc Stainless Steel Tea Infuser
On its Way Irusu Clear Candle
Irusu Clear Candle Sale price£25.00
On its Way Irusu Earth Candle
Irusu Earth Candle Sale price£25.00
Organic Unbleached Bamboo Toilet Roll
On its Way One Green Bottle 500ml Stainless Steel Bottle