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Discover a comforting assortment of organic cereals, thoughtfully curated for a serene breakfast experience. From the nourishing wholesomeness of organic wholegrain cornflakes to the indulgent charm of chocolate granola, our selection offers a range of flavors and textures to soothe your mornings. Enjoy the delicate lightness of puffed rice and savor the delicious blend of fruits in our fruit muesli. Embrace the nourishment of organic ingredients and start your day feeling great.

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Organic Fruit Muesli
Organic Fruit Muesli Sale price£0.41
Organic Wholegrain Cornflakes
Organic Granola
Organic Granola Sale price£0.61
Organic Chocolate Crispy Rice
Organic Fruit Granola
Organic Fruit Granola Sale price£0.69
Organic Chocolate Granola
Organic Chocolate Granola Sale price£0.91
Organic Strawberry Granola
On its Way Organic Gluten Free Fine Oats
Organic Gluten Free Coarse Oats
Organic Coarse Oats
Organic Coarse Oats Sale price£0.20
On its Way Organic Puffed Rice
Organic Puffed Rice Sale price£0.57
On its Way Organic Puffed Quinoa
Organic Puffed Quinoa Sale price£0.82
Organic Crunchy Muesli
Organic Crunchy Muesli Sale price£0.54
Organic Fine Oats
Organic Fine Oats Sale price£0.20