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Delicately flavoured and incredibly versatile, lend the soft crunch of these organic walnuts to dishes both sweet and savoury. Try them in salads and soups, as well as both sweet and savoury baking.

How Its Grown/Processed

Walnut trees are any tree that is in the plant genus Juglans and so there are 21 species of walnut tree, with the most common being the Black walnut and English walnut trees. Walnut trees are native from southeast Europe to southwest China, including north America. Once they have been harvested the husks are removed and cleaned and left to dry for around two weeks. Once dried properly the shells are then removed and the almond inside is cleaned and ready to eat. 

General Information

Country of Origin


How to store

Airtight container in cool dry place


Organic Walnuts


Nuts, possible traces of peanuts, sesame,gluten,soy,milk,sulphured fruit

Diet Suitability


Shelf Life

6 months


Paper bag

Nutritional Information

Typical Values



2954KJ, 706Kcal



of which Saturates




of which Sugars








Kraft Paper Bags

Resealable Kraft Pouches

Clear Glass Jars

Clear Glass Bottles

Organic Cotton Bags*

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