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plastic free shopping shouldn’t be so hard

Ever find yourself thinking “I wish there was a waste free shop near me” or “Why are there no plastic free shops in Manchester?”. Well, wonder no more, soon to be Forriger, as it’s our pleasure to inform you that Forrist, the UK’s first online plastic-free, plant-based, organic supermarket, is available for delivery all over the UK and Ireland, including Manchester. You no longer need to travel to every corner of your area looking for the best plastic free shops near you, even if you’re looking for the best organic, plant-based food and sustainable daily essentials at a days’ notice, as you can enjoy quick delivery to Manchester, completely free when you spend £75 or more.

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Forrist is the UK’s first ever plastic free, organic, plant-based online supermarket. Our goal is to make conscious, sustainable shopping accessible to everyone, so that anyone can live a waste-free lifestyle. We’re always trying to push ourselves to do more and further embrace a conscious approach to shopping, like offering free essentials with every shop, such as reusable menstrual cups and organic coconut shaving oil, and hosting frequent giveaways and offers on our site as well as on our Instagram. We’re not radical eco-warriors, we just care about our planet and the people we share it with, and want our customers to enjoy the pleasure and fulfilment of sustainable, plastic-free, organic, plant-based shopping with convenience and confidence.

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Plastic-free Manchester

All of our produce is purchasable by weight, allowing you to save both waste and money by only adding as much as you need to your basket. Our dedication to waste-consciousness makes its way through the entire shopping process, as once you’ve filled your box, we will ensure your items are packaged as sustainably as possible, either in reusable glass jars, bottles and containers or in compostable bags and pouches. And if composting from home isn’t a possibility for you, allow us to handle it for you through our Earth to Earth takeback program – Back to the Forrist; wherein which you return 50 Forrist Kraft Bags and/or Pouches and receive a free reusable jar in return.

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