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Organic Bakers Spice Box

Embark on a magical baking journey comprising organic star anise, organic ground ginger, organic whole nutmeg, and organic cinnamon. This box is the secret behind many dessert masterpieces. Imagine spiced ginger cookies,  a pumpkin pie with a hint of nutmeg and cinnamon or an elevated apple crumble with star anise. A box defining the essence of warmth, comfort, and love in every baked creation.

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Organic Ground Cinnamon
Organic Ground Cinnamon Sale priceFrom £0.60
Organic Lavender Flowers
Organic Lavender Flowers Sale priceFrom £1.25
Organic Ground Ginger
Organic Ground Ginger Sale priceFrom £0.50
Organic Star Anise
Organic Star Anise Sale priceFrom £1.30
Organic Whole Cloves
Organic Whole Cloves Sale priceFrom £0.90
Organic Mixed Spice
Organic Mixed Spice Sale priceFrom £0.80
Organic Whole Nutmeg
Organic Whole Nutmeg Sale priceFrom £1.15
Organic Ground Allspice Berries
Organic Ground Allspice Berries Sale priceFrom £1.00
Organic Mace
Organic Mace Sale priceFrom £1.10