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The sustainable luxury pantry collection

Introducing the Sustainable Luxury Pantry Collection, where each product is a note in a symphony of waste conscious packaging choices; a haven where sustainability meets luxury.


  • Your Favourite Organic Essentials

    An all organic sustainable luxury pantry collection, featuring a diverse selection of spices, nuts, fruits, seeds, and grains. Each of our stockists brings you unique and inspiring ingredients, making your favourite essentials stand out.

  • beautiful packed for reusability

    Packed in refillable glass jars adorned with compostable labels, the packaging not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also embodies our commitment to sustainability. An intentional blend of style and eco-conscious choices.

  • the perfect vessel for refills

    Our premium glass jars are not just containers; they're the perfect vessels for refills, embodying quality and sustainability. Explore endless possibilities as you refill them with pantry essentials or repurpose them creatively.

Available Exclusively via our Stockists

Our luxury pantry range, a fusion of culinary sophistication and sustainability, is exclusively available through our stockist partners. The unique and inspiring design of our luxury pantry range finds its perfect backdrop in the carefully curated environments of our stockists, enhancing the overall shopping experience and providing inspiration for your culinary adventures. In this, we aim to reach more customers who share our values of taste and sustainability, further communicating our commitment to quality and eco-conscious choices.

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Discover Everyday Luxury in every jar

Forrist's Sustainable Pantry Collection is more than just quality ingredients; it's a reflection of our belief that sustainability can be part of your everyday lifestyle. It's about making responsible choices without compromising on the joy of visual inspiration. As we continue our mission, let's appreciate the flavours of a sustainable future, one pantry item at a time. It's a simple yet meaningful step towards a better way of living, and we're delighted to be a part of it.

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