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Recipe: Chia Pancakes
Chia Pancakes

Chia Pancakes

If you're looking for plant based, vegan pancakes without bananas, this recipe is a must and easily adaptable between sweet and savoury dishes. We went for sweet pancakes, serving them with our organic mulberries, agave syrup and some dairy free coconut ice-cream. A true Forrist favourite; we know it'll become one of yours.


Chia Pancakes

Toppings (Optional)



    1. Place milk and star anise in pan slowly bring to boil, remove from heat. Remove star anise and mix in maple syrup, ACV and vanilla extract. Set aside
    2. Combine remaining ingredients in a bowl and create a well in the middle. Pour milk mixture in and mix until combined.
    3. Cover with a damp teal towel and set aside for 10 minutes
    4. Place ingredients in a blender for a smooth batter (if you prefer the ‘crunch’ of chia seeds, skip this step)
    5. Cook in batches over medium heat in a lightly oiled pan.
    6. Flip when bubbles appear in the middle of each pancake and edges appear dry and cooked.
    7. Top with ice cream, mulberries, crunchy muesli & agave syrup