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Bag: Too Good To Go - Kauri Magic Bag
Too Good To Go - Kauri Magic Bag

Too Good To Go - Kauri Magic Bag

There is no such thing as waste here at the Forrist, so when we’ve got so much great produce to spare, we pack them in our bags of magic, and offer them to you at a hugely discounted price, which means you’re save money and the planet! You’ll likely open it and wonder what you can do with all of the wonderfully random ingredients you’ve added to your pantry in your bid to rid the world from more waste. We’ve compiled a list below to help you get started.

What’s inside the Kauri Magic Bag?

Organic Coarse Black Peppercorns 

Needing no introduction or explanation, pepper is the most essential spice of them all. Opt for our Organic Coarse Black Peppercorns, and season your meals with the purest and highest quality peppercorns unaffected by nasty pesticides and sterilisation.

Organic Espresso Coffee Beans

Our Organic Espresso Coffee Beans make for a big, punchy morning cup of coffee, with a warming aroma, smooth body and fluttering notes of milk chocolate, black treacle and black pepper - everything you need to start your day off on the right foot.

Organic Decaf Coffee Beans

Making a cup of coffee brewed with our Organic Decaffeinated Honduras Coffee Beans will have the same warm taste, aroma and body of Central American coffee without the chemical element of caffeine. This coffee has a mellow body and a rich nuttiness, featuring notes of chocolate and praline.

Organic Brown Short Grain Rice 

These organic grains are shorter and plumper, making for a softer, stickier bowl of rice when cooked up as opposed to the drier longer grain rice, meaning they soak up sauces indulgently, perfect for curries, stir-fries or sushi. Brown rice also provides a hearty helping of dietary fiber and magnesium, making it super heart-healthy.

Organic Coconut Flour 

Organic Coconut Flour has the subtle taste and aroma of coconut that so many love, but only a hint, so as to not overpower the flavours you bake with it. Made from 100% finely ground coconut, this flour is the secret ingredient in countless paleo and gluten free bakes, from cakes and pies to brownies and donuts.

Organic Brown Long Grain Rice

Organic Long Grain Brown Rice is a healthier, less starchy alternative to other white rice grains, as it is packed with dietary fiber and magnesium, your heart healthy. This nutty, fluffy rice is great in curries and stews, or as the key ingredient in rice porridges and puddings.

Remember to transfer your dry ingredients into an airtight container to help preserve their quality.

Fun Fact about the Kauri Tree

Known as one of the largest and longest living tree species in the world, living to over 1000 years. These magnificent trees can grow to over 50 metres making them stand out from the rest. They are native to New Zealand and New Zealanders consider them to be one of the greatest trees in the world.

Kauri were prized by early European settlers who felled them for a great profit. The timber was valued for its ability to withstand harsh sea-water conditions making it ideal for ship masts and hulls. Kauri forests were reduced to 0.5% of their original extent due to exploitation and still to this day there are only a few reserves left which are thankfully fully protected. Now the presence of a Kauri Tree is a sign of good health to the forest and they are known as ‘the great protector of the forest’.


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