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Bag: Too Good To Go - Mangrove Magic Bag
Too Good To Go - Mangrove Magic Bag

Too Good To Go - Mangrove Magic Bag

There is no such thing as waste here at the Forrist, so when we’ve got so much great produce to spare, we pack them in our bags of magic, and offer them to you at a hugely discounted price, which means you’re save money and the planet! You’ll likely open it and wonder what you can do with all of the wonderfully random ingredients you’ve added to your pantry in your bid to rid the world from more waste. We’ve compiled a list below to help you get started.

What’s inside the Mangrove Magic Bag?

Organic White Rice Flour

Organic white rice flour is a must-have in the pantry of any baker looking to make gluten-free treats. Its subtle taste makes it incredibly versatile, allowing the butters, spices and other flavourings of your creations to take centre stage. Perfect for cakes, dumplings or pizza doughs, especially when blended with other organic wholegrain flours.

Organic Buckwheat Flakes 

Another complete plant protein, Organic Buckwheat Flakes make for a bold, nutty and wholesome bowl of porridge, or will boost the nutritional value of your muesli or muffin in the morning – making it a breakfast-time hero. Buckwheat is also great for your digestive system and blood pressure.

Organic Amharic Coffee Beans

From Ethiopia, the origin grounds of coffee, these organic beans are pure, wildly grown and packed with that punchy, earthy taste to wake you up and power you on. This is the ideal option for a strong-bodied brew, with delightful notes of brown sugar and sweet liquorice.

Organic White Short Grain Rice 

Organic Short Grain White Rice is filling and carb-rich, making it a great base for wholesome, energizing meals. It’s short plump shape and sticky consistency mean it’ll soak up all the mouth-watering sauces in your stews, stir-fries, sushi or risotto.

Organic Puffed Quinoa  

A complete plant protein, and super rich in fiber and iron, quinoa is an absolute nutritional powerhouse. Our Organic Puffed Quinoa can be enjoyed on its own, as a bowl of cereal or an on-the-go snack, or as the topping on a bowl of yogurt or ice cream. Alternatively, you can bake with them, not try making homemade energy bars, using puffed quinoa for a nutritional boost and a delightfully crispy texture.

 Remember to transfer your dry ingredients into an airtight container to help preserve their quality.

Fun Fact about the Mangrove Tree

Mangrove trees are magnificent plants which branch out from beneath the sea in tropical areas. They are part of the most biologically complex eco-systems on Earth, and their roots provide shelter for many fish and aquatic animals. Mangrove trees are also crucial coastlines from floods, storms and rising waters.

In folklore, mangrove trees represent a harmony between humanity and nature. There is a mangrove area in the Bay of Bengal named the Sundarbans which is a common setting in indigenous folklore. These tales centre around the struggle between the humans and the tigers who occupied the space, and how the two eventually find harmony. When travelling through the Sundarbans, or other similar mangrove areas, the indigenous people often chant the story of Bonbibi the “forest maiden”, a guardian spirit, and Dakshin Rai, “the striped god”, who is believed to possess tigers to attack humans. It is chanted as a mantra to keep the travellers safe from tigers, so that both humans and tigers may pass through the Sundarbans in peace.


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