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Bag: Too Good To Go - Willow Magic Bag
Too Good To Go -  Willow Magic Bag

Too Good To Go - Willow Magic Bag

Thanks for purchasing a magic bag from us! You’ll likely open it and wonder what you can do with all of the wonderfully random ingredients you’ve added to your pantry in a bid to save the world from more waste. We’ve compiled a list below to help you get started.

What’s inside the Willow Magic Bag?

Organic Red Lentils

Organic red lentils are high in protein and fibre and low in fat, which makes them a healthy substitute for meat. We’ve used them to make baked beans which taste great (and are much quicker to cook than the traditional haricot bean). You could also use them to make some crispy nuggets or a Thai red curry.

White Short Grain Rice

Organic short-grain rice is similar to arborio rice, bomba rice, and sushi rice and becomes sticky when cooked. It’s great as a savoury side dish or is more commonly used in the UK to make a heart (and tummy) warming rice pudding.

Organic Rye Grain

Organic rye grain, generally associated with the bread made from it can also be eaten in its whole, unrefined state. Rich in potassium and a good source of vitamin B, organic rye grain is a great alternative to oats, albeit slightly sweeter. 

Organic Steel Cut Oats

Unlike the more common oats, organic steel cut oats preserve all of the nutrition contained in the grain.  It retains the germ, the endosperm and the bran which makes it a great option for a wholesome breakfast, lunch or even dinner.

Organic Sunflower Seeds

Organic sunflower seeds are high in protein and rich in healthy fats. They’re great to use as toppings for salads, or as an addition to your favourite bread, granola, cookie, or flapjack recipe. They can also be eaten straight from the bag! Enjoy.  

Organic Sesame Seed Oil

Organic sesame seed oil is full of antioxidants, great to cook with and a little secret addition to your skin & hair care routine. We tend to use it to cook a Chinese inspired fried rice but the uses are far greater. Let us know how you use yours. 

Remember to transfer your dry ingredients into an airtight container to help preserve their quality.

Fun Fact about the Willow Tree

Raindrops that are falling to the ground from the drooping branches of willow resemble tears. That is how weeping willow got its name.