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Looking for premium organic dried fruits?

Discover a delicious and versatile range of dried fruits; a natural source of essential nutrients and a great source of dietary fiber, vitamins, and minerals, providing a healthy and convenient snack option. Our carefully curated collection includes organic fruit and nut mixes, juicy berries and a range of exotic favourites including organic dried strawberries, organic dried mango, organic dried papaya, organic dried kiwi and organic dried crunchy pineapple. You can also explore our range of well-loved choices, such as organic dried raisins, organic dried apple cubes, organic dried sultanas, organic dried mulberries and many more.

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Organic & Plant-Based

We're Soil Association certified. The UK's largest and oldest certification body.

100% Plastic Free

We only use reusable or compostable materials, such as glass, paper or organic cotton.

Organic Dried Fruits Delivered to you

Dried fruits are a long-lasting alternative to fresh fruit, offering a wide range of natural flavour and texture profiles that bring a unique twist to a host of culinary creations. They’re perfect ingredients for cakes, puddings, toppings, homemade preserves, and even as healthy snacks. Their nutritional benefits make them excellent additions to your recipes pairing well with cereals, salads, desserts and even charcuterie boards. Get 20% off using code: FRUITS20

Organic Dried Strawberries
Organic Dried Mango
Organic Dried Apricots
Organic Dried Cranberries
Organic Dried Sour Cherries

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