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Organic Cereal & Fruit Box

Sale price£23.00


A carefully selected blend of organic cereals and fruits to for maximum versatility, this box is a delightful union of crunchy cereals and naturally sweet dried fruits. The box includes a rich organic chocolate granola, light and fluffy organic puffed rice, organic fruit muesli and or the sweet tang of dried kiwi and raisins. Consider a delicious snack bowl layered with your choice of milk or yoghurt or toppings for ice cream or for a trail mix combining these ingredients for an on-the-go treat. Enjoy during the early hours or as a late-night snack, ensuring a burst of nutrition and flavour any time of the day.

Please note that discovery boxes purchased with other items will not be packed in a separate box. If this is required, please add a note to your order at checkout.

What's inside?


Organic Fruit Muesli 200g 300g 400g
Organic Chocolate Granola  200g 300g 400g
Organic Puffed Rice  100g 150g 200g
Organic Chocolate Crispy Rice 
150g  225g 300g
Organic Dried Red Kiwi Slices 
50g 75g 100g
Organic Wholegrain Cornflakes 
150g 225g 300g
Organic Coarse Oats 200g 300g 400g
Organic Blue Thompson Raisins 
200g  300g 400g
Organic Crunchy Muesli  200g 300g 400g