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Organic Cereal & Fruit Box

A carefully selected blend of organic cereals and fruits to for maximum versatility, this box is a delightful union of crunchy cereals and naturally sweet dried fruits. The box includes a rich organic chocolate granola, light and fluffy organic puffed rice, organic fruit muesli and or the sweet tang of dried kiwi and raisins. Consider a delicious snack bowl layered with your choice of milk or yoghurt or toppings for ice cream or for a trail mix combining these ingredients for an on-the-go treat. Enjoy during the early hours or as a late-night snack, ensuring a burst of nutrition and flavour any time of the day

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Product type
Organic Coarse Oats
Organic Coarse Oats Sale price£0.20
Organic Dried Sultanas
Organic Dried Sultanas Sale price£0.50
Organic Crunchy Muesli
Organic Crunchy Muesli Sale price£0.54
On its Way Organic Puffed Rice
Organic Puffed Rice Sale price£0.57
Organic Chocolate Crispy Rice
Organic Chocolate Granola
Organic Chocolate Granola Sale price£0.91
Organic Wholegrain Cornflakes
Organic Dried Red Kiwi Slices
Organic Fruit Muesli
Organic Fruit Muesli Sale price£0.41