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Celebrate the joy of baking and dessert-making with this versatile box which includes organic demerara sugar, organic desiccated coconut, organic sultanas, organic coarse oats, and organic white short grain rice. Bake a rich and fluffy coconut cake, oatmeal cookies with juicy sultanas or make a classic creamy and comforting rice pudding. With these ingredients, every dessert you make will be the perfect blend of sweetness, texture, and love.

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What's inside?
Organic  Demerara Cane Sugar  250g 375g 500g
Organic Desiccated Coconut  250g 375g 500g
Organic Almonds  250g 375g 500g
Organic White Short Grain Rice  
250g  375g 500g
Organic Dried Sultanas  250g 375g 500g
Organic Coarse Oats    250g 375g 500g
Organic Cocoa Powder  250g 375g 500g
Organic Plain Flour  250g  375g 500g
Organic Chocolate Drops   250g 375g 500g


Kraft Paper Bags

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Clear Glass Jars

Clear Glass Bottles

Organic Cotton Bags*

Rice & Pasta

Standard 0.65p - - -

Beans & Pulses

Standard 0.65p - - -
Seeds & Grains Standard 0.65p - - -
Herbs & Spices Standard 0.65p 0.75p - -
Flour & Baking Standard 0.65p 0.75 - -

Oils & Vinegars

- - - Standard -

Nuts & Dried Fruit

Standard 0.65p - - -
Cereal Standard 0.65p - - -
Confectionery Standard  0.65p - - -
Tea & Coffee - Standard - - -
Shampoo Standard - - - -
Lotions - - Standard Standard -
Deodorant Standard - - - -
Detergents - - - Standard -
Pet Food Standard 0.65p - - -

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