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Organic Golden Grains Box

Discover the ancient secrets of grains and seeds. This assortment brings together organic bulgur wheat, organic golden flaxseeds, organic couscous, and sunflower seeds, each with its unique taste and texture profile. Imagine a Mediterranean-inspired salad with cooked bulgur, fresh vegetables, and a drizzle of olive oil, or perhaps a couscous pilaf enriched with roasted vegetables. Sprinkle flaxseeds on your smoothies for an Omega-3 boost or blend them into your baked goods. And sunflower seeds? They’re perfect as a snack or mixed into salads and bread. With this box, every meal is a golden opportunity to nourish and satisfy.

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Organic Sesame Seeds
Organic Sesame Seeds Sale price£0.44
Organic Couscous
Organic Couscous Sale price£0.25
Organic Popcorn Kernels
Organic Popcorn Kernels Sale price£0.22
Organic Quinoa
Organic Quinoa Sale price£0.46
Organic Bulgur Wheat
Organic Bulgur Wheat Sale price£0.23
Organic Hulled Buckwheat
Organic Hulled Buckwheat Sale price£0.28
Organic Amaranth Seeds
Organic Amaranth Seeds Sale price£0.29
Organic Golden Flaxseed
Organic Golden Flaxseed Sale price£0.24
Organic Pearled Barley
Organic Pearled Barley Sale price£0.19