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Organic Pulse Pantry Box

Every ingredient in this offers great versatility and nourishment. From the vibrant organic red lentils, perfect for dahls and soups, to organic mung beans that are delicious in salads and stews. Organic black chickpeas add something different and would work perfectly in falafel style burger patties.  Beyond the flavours, this box is the foundation for crafting wholesome meals that feed the soul.

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Organic Red Lentils
Organic Red Lentils Sale priceFrom £0.25
Organic Black Beluga Lentils
Organic Black Beluga Lentils Sale priceFrom £0.50
Organic Pinto Beans
Organic Pinto Beans Sale priceFrom £0.30
Organic Brown Lentils
Organic Brown Lentils Sale priceFrom £0.30
Organic Yellow Split Peas
Organic Yellow Split Peas Sale priceFrom £0.25
Organic Green Split Peas
Organic Green Split Peas Sale priceFrom £0.25
Organic Mung Beans
Organic Mung Beans Sale priceFrom £0.45
Organic Haricot Beans
Organic Haricot Beans Sale priceFrom £0.30
Organic Black Chickpeas
Organic Black Chickpeas Sale priceFrom £0.40